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Hi all,
Thanks for taking the time to check out our site.  After spending several weeks and weekends in New York state, we began to notice how corny (in a good way) the folks there are.  From Udderly Delicious Ice Cream to the Pissin' Elf Spring near Peaceful Valley Camp Ground.  The folks are great and we think Kluster Kluck Farm and us would fit right in.
We just love to hunt wild mushrooms.  Speaking of mushrooms, did you know that the chocolate truffle is named after the truffle mushroom?  One of the most expensive foods per pound on the face of the planet.  Which brings me to my latest creation.  "Underground Tuffles"
Which are just mouth watering handmade chocolate truffles by me.
After having two of my favorite truffle shops close, one is now the pastry chef for President Obama, I was really in search of the perfect truffle.  After years of searching, I decided that if I wanted the perfect truffle, I would have to make it myself.  And here we go.
"Underground Truffles" 

Brian and I have a floor covering business also.  Check it out at
WWW.BRIANANDLISAFLOORCOVERING.COM.  If you're in need of a new floor give us a shout.

Enjoy the pics.

Brian and Lisa @ Kluster Kluck Farm


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